Hello to all my readers and fans!

I am Vera Colon and I hope to engage your minds and hearts with my work. While I write sweet and steamy romance as Noemi Betancourt, as Vera Colon I’d like to focus on more contemporary fiction. I’ve found that I like to write strong female characters but I also want to explore what it means to be Hispanic not just in the US and on the islands but around the world. Finally, with the world and society norms constantly changing I feel the need to tackle the family dynamic. How does a protester with rigid religious beliefs deal with a child who marries someone of another faith, race or same sex? How does a homosexual person deal with family views when announcing they are adopting a child with their partner? How does a newly arrived character handle the “speak English/dirty immigrant” mentality of small town America? How does a Latina handle old school beliefs regarding infidelity and a modern minded daughter? Who decides what a “real Hispanic” is?

These are just a few of the many subjects that will feature in upcoming stories and novels. I will also post on these subjects on a bi-monthly to monthly basis while also making updates about when my works will become available. Meanwhile, keep watching the Upcoming Projects page for details.

PS If there are any literary agents out there willing to represent this rising star, I can be reached at noemibetancourtnovelist@gmail.com for the time being.